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Composition Portfolio

The works in this portfolio of original compositions cover a wide spectrum of genres, styles, approaches, and musical techniques. The aim was to demonstrate mastery of the various musical languages and techniques characteristic of each genre. The calculatedly low-fi 'alt.rock meets computer games' approach of the concept album They No Longer Sleep Alone is of folk-like simplicity, deliberately eschewing the various polishing processes available to producers now in the digital mastering situation. The intention was to preserve a naturalness of sound and song making. On the other hand, live electronic effects are utilized to expand the sonorities and textures obtained from a solo bassoon in The Effect of Bundled Sticks on Sounds. Today is the Tomorrow takes this idea further, being a completely electronic work mixing live musical performance (turntables) with pre-recorded sounds, these interacting with live video and prepared animation. De Feo, inspired by graffiti artists, was written for a virtuoso pair of performers in the unusual combination of alto saxophone and viola, with no electronics being required. The Big Fat Jazz Bastard Theme Song and Espacio were written for particular performers and approaches to music making, while Saturday Afternoon and Late Night Specials are film scores. Swamp Treasures and Bungamucka - the Alarmist were commissioned for theatrical productions and thus were designed to fulfil specific functions determined by the stage directors. By way of contrast, ...seconds unwind...generated noise...racecar... is an abstract work that utilizes the sophistication and subtleties of timbre, rhythm and texture available from a professional chamber orchestra.
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Mayall, J. M. (2006). Composition Portfolio (Thesis, Master of Music (MMus)). The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. Retrieved from https://hdl.handle.net/10289/2398
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