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Transient liquid phase sintering of high density Transient liquid phase sintering of high density Fe₃Al using Fe and Fe₂Al₅/FeAl₂ powders Part 1: Experimentation and results

High density Fe[sub 3]Al was produced through transient liquid phase sintering, using rapid heating rates of greater than 150 K min[sup -1] and a mixture of prealloyed and elemental powders. Prealloyed Fe[sub 2]Al[sub 5]/FeAl[sub 2] (50Fe/50Al, wt-%) powder was added to elemental iron powder in a ratio appropriate for producing an overall Fe[sub 3]Al (13•87 wt-%) ratio. The heating rate, sintering time, sintering temperature, green density and powder particle size were controlled during the study. Heating rate, sintering time and powder particle size had the most significant influence upon the sintered density of the compacts. The highest sintered density of 6•12 Mg m[sup -3] (92% of the theoretical density for Fe3Al) was achieved after 15 minutes of sintering at 1350°C, using a 250 K min[sup - 1] heating rate, 1-6 μm Fe powders and 5•66 μm alloy powders. SEM microscopy suggests that agglomerated Fe[sub 2]Al[sub 5]/ FeAl[sub 2] particles, which form a liquid during sintering, are responsible for a significant portion of the remaining porosity in high sintered density compacts, creating stable pores, larger than 100 μm diameter, after melting. High density was achieved by minimising the Kirkendall porosity formed during heating by unbalanced diffusion and solubility between the iron and Fe[sub 2]Al[sub 5]/FeAl[sub 2] components. The lower diffusion rate of aluminium in the prealloyed powder into the iron compared with elemental aluminium in iron, coupled with a fast heating rate, is expected to permit minimal iron-aluminium interdiffusion during heating so that when a liquid forms the aluminium dissolves in the iron to promote solidification at a lower aluminium content. This leads to a further reduction in porosity.
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Xydas, N. K., Gabbitas, B. L., Xu, X. X. & Salam, L. A. (2003). Transient liquid phase sintering of high density Fe₃Al using Fe and Fe₂Al₅/FeAl₂ powders Part 1: Experimentation and results. Powder Metallurgy, 46(1), 68- 72.
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