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Developing an inter-university partnership: The importance of relationally-connected leaders

We have been involved in an inter-university partnership that supports, contributes to, and influences our own and others’ thinking and actions. As we have collaborated on teaching, learning, and research in the field of educational leadership, we recognise that we have developed our own leadership practice and created opportunities for others to do so. The partnership in which academics and students from the University of Central Oklahoma and the University of Waikato have been participating has evolved as a flexible and innovative endeavor over an eighteen month period. In this relatively brief time, we have discovered there are considerable possibilities for the partnership to be developed in a number of ways that will benefit academics, students, and our respective institutions. In this paper, we examine and discuss the findings generated by our initial inquiry as we seek to make sense of our inter university partnership in order to sustain and progress it. Our leadership during the initial phases of the partnership appears to have been a key element in its success. We have found that the presence of a relational connectedness has influenced and enhanced our own leadership practice and subsequently the quality of the partnership. It has enabled us to facilitate the growth of a community of practice and generate academic collaboration.
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Ferrier-Kerr, J. L., & Haxton, P. (2014). Developing an inter-university partnership: The importance of relationally-connected leaders. The Journal of Values-Based Leadership, 7(2), 1-14.
Valparaiso University's College of Business
This article is published in the Journal of Values-Based Leadership. Used with permission.