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Ati Ue: Te Aitanga a Tuoro

This thesis is based on the manuscripts of my tupuna Tuoro Akapita Pango that are held in a treasured whānau box. The manuscripts contain history and kōrero of Te Arawa written by multiple generations of the whānau Pango. Within this thesis I explore the value of inter-generational knowledge through considering what lies within these whānau manuscripts and taking the opportunity to discover more history about Ngāti Whakaue through a whānau lens. Researching these manuscripts enables reconnection of the past and the present; the reconnection between forgotten knowledge and whānau. Specifically, this thesis proposes a Ngāti Whakaue approach to engaging historical materials and research. It centres the voices of the people, such as the many family members involved within the process, as well as the box of writings and the many gems that hide within. Also, it asks what the manuscripts mean for the current descendants involved in the research. The research has been a means of reconnecting with the past to give relevance and context to the present. The objective is demonstrating the value of iwi-specific research methods so that whānau feel encouraged to embark on their own journey.
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