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The Exploration of Static Typography for Expressing The Emotive Qualities of Music

This thesis explores how the pure form of static typography can express the emotive qualities of music. More specifically, how typefaces/letterforms and typographic compositions can produce emotive associations; and whether combining both aspects can enhance the emotive value. Emotion, typography and music are the three core subject areas of this research. Using music as the medium to elicit emotions, the findings from this thesis indicate that typeface/letterform is the most effective aspect of static typography to express emotive qualities, followed by the combination of both typographic aspects, and typographic composition which has the least impact for emotive connections. Five influential factors affecting the process of emotive association between music and static typography has been found: 1) Association of typographic attributes and design principles to emotive qualities, 2) Direct association using emotive terms and adjectives, 3) Connotation through personal memory and imagination, 4) Association to human voice and human touch, and 5) Association to phonetic properties of music. Chapter 2 of this thesis presents a review of the literature from the three main subject areas. It begins from the psychology of emotions and the importance of emotional attachment in design. Next, the chapter discusses the visual logic and creation of emotions through the pure anatomy of letterforms and typographic experimentation. The third section continues with how music can evoke emotions and the analogy between the properties of music and typographic characteristics. Chapter 3 4 presents original research of this thesis, initiating with a formative pilot study where three music sequences were selected and three corresponding typographic compositions designed by the researcher. The method of matching one sequence to one design piece was employed. Chapter 4 continues with original research, where modification was made to the methodology to obtain more specific results. Each aspect of static typography was investigated individually. The combination of both aspects was also tested to examine whether it can enhance the emotive impact. Findings from this research intend to present fresh realization to graphic designers, typographers and type designers, highlighting the tangible and enduring essence of static typography, with its power to engage the audience on an emotive level.
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Lu, A. (Meng-H. (2009). The Exploration of Static Typography for Expressing The Emotive Qualities of Music (Thesis). The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. Retrieved from https://hdl.handle.net/10289/2785
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