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Intra-industry trade and trade intensities: Evidence from New Zealand

This study analyses the development of intra-industry and inter industry trade between New Zealand, Australia, and the selected Asia-Pacific nations during the period 1990 to 2000. The study adapts mainly two approaches to examine these developments. First, an historical analysis of New Zealand trading patterns is presented. For this purpose, intra-industry trade development is examined. The Grubel-Lloyd and Aquino indices are used to calculate the intensity of intra- industry trade at the 3-digit SITC levels to determine the relative importance of intra-industry trade as opposed to inter-industry trade. IIT has been estimated across industries and for selected trading partners. A time series approach is used to estimate any trend in the ratio of intra industry trade to total trade in relation to Australia. Secondly, the paper examines the strength of trade relations between New Zealand and the other countries. For this purpose the intensity of trade index has been estimated for bilateral trade flows between these nations. These analyses are examined to consider how trade has changed in this period of trade liberalisation. The results show that intra-industry trade has increased between New Zealand and Australia. The results also suggest that bilateral trade flows between New Zealand, Australia and other countries has become more intense indicating trading relations are strengthening. In some cases bilateral trade flows have decreased. The results also suggest that the removal of trade barriers through bilateral and multilateral negotiations has positive impacts on intra-industry trade and the intensity of trade of these economies.
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Department of Economics Working Paper Series
Bano, S. (2002). Intra-industry trade and trade intensities: Evidence from New Zealand. (Department of Economics Working Paper Series, Number 5/02). Hamilton, New Zealand: University of Waikato.
Department of Economics Working Paper Series