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Automatic application object migration in sensor networks

Object migration in wireless sensor networks has the potential to reduce energy consumption for a wireless sensor network mesh. Automated migration reduces the need for the programmer to perform manual static analysis to find an efficient layout solution. Instead, the system can self-optimise and adjust to changing conditions. This paper describes an automated, transparent object migration system for wireless sensor networks, implemented on a micro Java virtual machine. The migration system moves objects at runtime around the sensor mesh to reduce communication overheads. The movement of objects is transparent to the application developer. Automated transparent object migration is a core component of Hydra, a distributed operating system for wireless sensor networks that is currently under development. Performance of the system under a complex performance test scenario using a real-world dataset of seismic events is described. The results show that under both simple and complex conditions the migration technique can result in lower data traffic and consequently lower overall energy cost.
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Hunkin, P. & McGregor, T. (2010). Automatic application object migration in sensor networks. In Proceedings of 2010 Fourth International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications, Venice, Italy, July 18-25 (pp. 139-143). Washington DC, USA: IEEE.
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