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Tā Pikitia Hei Āwhina Kōrero Collaborative Drawing and Storying

Creating a Māori medium context for beginning learners of te reo Māori to converse in genuine dialogue, was a real challenge for our mainstream bilingual unit. This study involved six Year 3-5 primary school students working in two groups of three. The bilingual unit is in a contributing school in an urban setting. The teacher, a second language learner herself, found students seldom initiated any spontaneous Māori dialogue and tended to respond only to questions or formal teacher initiated direction. So the project sought to develop and explore the approach Tā Pikitia hei āwhina kōrero or Collaborative Drawing and Storying, to improve Children's Oral Language Acquisition in Māori, using a socially responsive approach (Glynn, Wearmouth, Berryman, 2006) This method encouraged students to initiate, respond and share their own learning in a social and interactive community of learners. The method also allowed students the freedom to generate conversations about their own interests, ideas and background experiences without teacher intervention or direction. The only requirement was me kōrero Māori i nga wā katoa (speak Māori all the time). A collaborative picture was created as each group of students quickly illustrated their ideas on a large piece of paper. Each student was pre tested and post tested using the Aromatawai Reo A Waha - Kia Tere Tonu (Berryman Langdon, 2001).This test assessed each student's Māori vocabulary knowledge and their ability to speak spontaneously about a familiar item. The daily conversations created by each student group involved Tā Pikitia hei āwhina kōrero was recorded on tape, then transcribed verbatim each day to assess changes over time. Student ownership of the learning and their positive participation resulted in improved language outcomes. At the end of the ten week period there were encouraging gains in the post test, Aromatawai Reo A Waha - Kīanga or spontaneous phrases students were able to generate. Furthermore an improved ability to focus on an oral task, and improved engagement by the students were unexpected positive outcomes of this easy to implement activity.
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Kururangi, A. H. M. (2008). Tā Pikitia Hei Āwhina Kōrero Collaborative Drawing and Storying (Thesis, Master of Education (MEd)). University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. Retrieved from https://hdl.handle.net/10289/11639
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