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Collections in Education

  • Kia whakatōmuri te haere whakamua: ‘I walk backwards into the future with my eyes fixed on my past’

    Rameka, Lesley (Sage, 2017)
    This whakataukī or ‘proverb’ speaks to Māori perspectives of time, where the past, the present and the future are viewed as intertwined, and life as a continuous cosmic process. Within this continuous cosmic movement, ...
  • Editorial interview [Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy]

    Peters, Michael A.; Besley, Tina; Jandrić, Petar; Bajić, Milan (2016)
    Editorial interview of Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy (2016) 1:2
  • The Effect of Nitrate Supplementation on Cycling Performance in the Heat in Well-Trained Cyclists

    McQuillan, Joseph A.; Casadio, Julia R.; Dulson, Deborah K.; Laursen, Paul B.; Kilding, Andrew E. (2017)
    Purpose: The aim of this study was to determine the effect of NO₃⁻ consumption on measures of perception, thermoregulation and cycling performance in hot conditions. Methods: Using a randomised, double-blind, ...
  • Psychometric properties of the movement-specific reinvestment scale for Chinese children

    Ling, Fiona C.M.; Maxwell, Jon; Masters, Rich S.W.; McManus, Alison M.; Polman, Remco C.J. (Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, 2016)
    The propensity for movement-specific reinvestment (conscious attention to and control of body movements) is associated with disrupted movement in a variety of circumstances. Movement-specific reinvestment has been shown ...
  • 'Assessment in ECE is overwhelming at times': Uncovering the challenges of assessing four-year-old children’s learning

    Cameron, Monica; McLachlan, Claire; Rawlins, Peter (School of Education, AUT University, Auckland, 2016)
    This article presents some of the preliminary findings from a national survey which explored early childhood teachers’ understandings, beliefs and practices in relation to assessing four year old children’s learning. While ...
  • Henri Lefebvre on education: Critique and pedagogy

    Middleton, Sue (Sage, 2016)
    The ‘spatial turn’ in education policy studies fuelled interest in Lefebvre’s work: initially, in his work Production of Space and, more recently, Rhythmanalysis and Right to the City. Yet, although in these texts Lefebvre ...
  • Sleep-hygiene education improves sleep indices in elite female athletes.

    O'Donnell, Shannon; Driller, Matthew W. (Berkeley Electronic Press, 2017)
    The importance of sleep in providing psychophysiological recovery in elite athletes is often overlooked. In other populations (eg shift workers and adolescent students), sleep hygiene education may serve to acutely improve ...
  • Thinkpiece: Making a case for nurturing Pasifika students through the Arts in New Zealand: Now would be a good time

    Edwards, Frances; Krishnan, Padma (Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research, The University of Waikato, 2016)
    This think piece was inspired by observations of students in a school with more than 80 percent Pasifika students and less than 1 percent European students, and in whose community the vibrancy of the Pacific cultures is evident.
  • Organisational learning and development: A Vanuatu educational perspective.

    Tarosa, Gayleen; Edwards, Frances; Branson, Christopher (Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research, The University of Waikato, 2016)
    Organisational learning within an educational context is a complex and multidimensional process. This paper reports on a study that investigates organisational learning during the process of development of Vanuatu’s ...
  • “I learned quite a lot of the Maths stuff now that I think of it”: Māori Medium Students reflecting on their Initial Teacher Education

    Hawera, Ngārewa; Taylor, Merilyn (Edith Cowan University, 2017)
    Research involving preservice or initial teacher education (ITE) indicates that mathematics education is a vital component of study. Little is known however, of indigenous student views of their compulsory mathematics ...
  • Supporting lower-achieving seven-and-eight-year-old children with place value understandings

    Bailey, Judy (Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, 2015)
    The article focuses on the importance of listening to children to identify their current understandings and developing on them systematically, using the materials, to promote a conceptual understanding. It mentions that ...
  • Digital reading: From the reflective self to social machine

    Peters, Michael A.; Jandric, Petar (Addleton Academic Publishers, 2016)
    Using the form of dialogue, this paper analyzes reading in the digital age. The paper reveals the history of reading from Augustine to Wittgenstein as a changing and evolving set of practices such as the cultural invention ...
  • Openness and the Intellectual Commons

    Peters, Michael A. (Peter Lang, 2016)
    ‘Openness’ is one of the central contested values of modern liberal society and falls under different political descriptions. In this chapter I employ ‘openness’ to signal and introduce a new spatialization, interconnectivity, ...
  • Sport-war cartoon art

    Rinehart, Robert E.; Caudwell, Jayne (Sage Publications, 2017)
    In this article, We explore the extent to which political cartoons and comic strips – as mediated public and political visual art, the ‘ninth art’ according to Groensteen’s The System of Comics (2007[1999] – subvert/confirm ...
  • Preface to the special section "Michael A. Peters and Educational Leadership"

    Peters, Michael A. (Addelton Academic Publishers, 2015)
    I started writing a Preface that became a study in a genre that is defined as the novel of educational self-formation together with the various other kinds of literature that this genre – the Bildungsroman – generated that ...
  • Dissident thought: Systems of repression, networks of hope

    Peters, Micahel A. (Addleton Academic Publishers, 2016)
    In this essay I examine the figure of dissident thought in the contexts of philosophical, jurisprudential and political thought. I connect dissidence to the concept of dissent and its linguistic cognates including ...
  • Feminizing world power: A new constellation of women in politics?

    Peters, Michael A. (Addelton Academic Publishers, 2016)
    This article charts the emergence of women leaders currently in power, the highest it has ever been with 22 female heads of state and political leaders in 2015. It canvases Fukuyama's (1988) sociobiology arguments and those ...
  • Biopolitical economies of debt

    Peters, Michael A. (Addleton Academic Publishers, 2016)
    This paper provides a Nietzschean-inspired account of "biopolitical economies of debt" as a basis for analyzing the sovereign debt crises experienced by many countries in the last few decades, focusing on Greece. The paper ...
  • The eco-university in the green age

    Peters, Michael A. (Addleton Academic Publishers, 2016)
    This essay begins by tracing the conceptual ancestry of the term “eco” as the same root for both “ecology” and “economics:” where ecology concerns the logos of oikos; economics concerns the nomos of oikos. This set of ...
  • The postcolonial university

    Peters, Michael A. (Addleton Academic Publishers, 2016)
    Derrida is, perhaps, the foremost philosopher of the humanities and of its place in the university. Over the long period of his career he has been concerned with the fate, status, place and contribution of the humanities. ...

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