• Editorial interview [Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy]

    Peters, Michael A.; Besley, Tina; Jandrić, Petar; Bajić, Milan (2016)
    Editorial interview of Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy (2016) 1:2
  • Physical volcanology of Red Crater, Tongariro

    Bardsley, Candice Joy (University of Waikato, 2004)
    The Tongariro Volcanic Centre (TVC) is New Zealand's most recently active volcanic centre and comprises two large active andesitic cones, Ruapehu and Tongariro. Tongariro is a dominantly andesitic cone complex, yet located ...
  • I am Supernova

    Soo, Chin-En Keith (Domus Argenia Publisher, 2016)
    “I am supernova” is an artistic visualisation of the “The Big Five Personality Test”. The test explores personality of participant with the highly respected Five Factor model (AKA the Big Five). The test result will provide ...
  • Place-responsive choreography and activism

    Barbour, Karen (Sense Publishers, 2016)
    Sensory encounters with place, site and landscape have the potential to stimulate new and deeply felt engagements with local places, and to prompt discussion about the relationships between place, culture and identity. ...
  • The International Journal of Wellbeing: An open access success story

    Weijers, Dan M.; Jarden, Aaron (Ubiquity Press, 2017)
    Academics have long had the advantage of access to university libraries and their expensive subscriptions to scholarly journals. Critics of traditional journal publishing have complained that placing science and scholarship ...

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