The University of Waikato's Open Access Research Repository

  • Enhanced targeting of triplex forming oligonucleotides

    Peters, Linda M. (The University of Waikato, 1999)
    Oligonucleotides offer the potential to inhibit the expression of specific genes within living cells by binding to the major groove of the DNA helix in a sequence-specific manner to form a DNA triple helix. The ultimate ...
  • Characterization of an alkaliphilic thermophilic bacillus isolate TA2.A1

    Peddie, Catherine Joan (The University of Waikato, 1999)
    A novel aerobic, alkaliphilic, thermophilic Bacillus species was isolated from a thermal bore in Te Aroha, New Zealand with a source temperature and pH of 77°C and pH 8.28. The strain designated TA2.A1 was a Gram positive ...
  • Some metallacyclic complexes of the late transition metals

    Oliver, Allen G. (The University of Waikato, 1999)
    The principal aim of this thesis is the synthesis and characterisation of four-membered metallacyclic complexes. Reactions of square-planar palladium(II), platinum(II) and gold(III) dihalide complexes with a variety of ...
  • The business of the other: representing the non-west in management and media

    Munshi, Debashish (The University of Waikato, 1999)
    This thesis explores current facets of the business of the other in western management and business media discourses. It identifies the shaping of these facets through continuities between imperial colonisation and ...
  • Structural changes to Pinus radiata wood lignin during kraft pulping and bleaching

    More, Nicole (The University of Waikato, 1999)
    The aim of this thesis was to improve the quality of the information available concerning the structure of native (within wood) and residual (within pulps) lignins. A better understanding of the structure of lignin will ...

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