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dc.contributor.authorChilderhouse, Paul
dc.contributor.authorTowill, Denis R.
dc.identifier.citationTowill, D. & Childerhouse, P. (2006). Enabling the seamless supply chain by exploiting the four smooth material flow controls. Production Planning and Control, 17(8), 756-768.en
dc.description.abstractA decade after the publication of the concept of smooth material flow via four fundamental principles related to the work of Jay Forrester and John Burbidge (FORRIDGE) the influence of this work on academe and industry is discussed. We show that by extension of their principles via a three-level model which includes the vision and the toolkit, substantial contributions have been made towards new management theory. The associated 12 simplicity rules and uncertainly circle concepts have been exploited within the structured framework provided by the quick scan audit methodology. This generates value stream classification ranging from baseline to exemplar, and a design procedure aimed at material flow best practice. A detailed case study demonstrates the improved industrial performance achievable by this means.en
dc.publisherInderscience Publishersen_NZ
dc.subjectvision-principles-toolkit modelen
dc.subjectsmooth material flowen
dc.subjectsupply chain classificationen
dc.subjectbest practiceen
dc.titleEnabling seamless market-orientated supply chainsen
dc.typeJournal Articleen
dc.relation.isPartOfInternational Journal of Logistics Systems and Managementen_NZ

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