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dc.contributor.authorZorn, Theodore E.
dc.contributor.authorCampbell, Nittaya
dc.identifier.citationZorn, T. & Campbell, N. (2006), Improving the writing of literature reviews through a literature integration exercise. Business Communication Quarterly, 69(2), 172-183.en
dc.description.abstractSTUDENTS ARE OFTEN required to write literature reviews in advanced business communication courses, especially as part of a research project. Likewise, in the workplace, business communicators may need to review the literature in analyzing a problem or proposing a solution. However, instructors often find that even students who otherwise write well are not able to write good literature reviews. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate a method for teaching students some of the key techniques for writing literature reviews—particularly the challenge of synthesizing multiple sources of information into a coherent analysis of the literature.en
dc.subjectliterature reviewen
dc.titleImproving the writing of literature reviews through a literature integration exerciseen
dc.typeJournal Articleen

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