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dc.contributor.authorKoplin, Julia
dc.contributor.authorSeuring, Stefan
dc.contributor.authorMesterharm, Michael
dc.identifier.citationKoplin, J., Seuring, S. & Mesterharm, M. (2007). Incorporating sustainability into supply management in the automotive industry - the case of the Volkswagen AG. Journal of Cleaner Production, 15(11-12), 1053-1062.en
dc.description.abstractCompanies are perceived as important actors in the drive for sustainability. Linked to this, and in response to increasing demands from various stakeholder groups, companies start to look at their supply chain to enhance their overall sustainability profile. Two major triggers can be identified: (1) focal companies are held responsible for environmental and social problems caused by their suppliers, which become more and more important as (2) an increasing share of value is created at the supplier level. In response to such demands, companies have to find ways to incorporate environmental and social aspects into their supply (chain) management. Therefore, environmental and social standards are integrated into supply management by amending the purchasing processes. This paper presents one approach to integrate social and environmental standards into supply policy and supply management at the Volkswagen AG, a focal company of the automobile industry. Therefore, required changes of the sourcing and supply structures were identified during an action research project, and possible options adaptable for company internal integration are shown.en
dc.subjectsupply managementen
dc.subjectsupply policyen
dc.subjectenvironmental and social problemsen
dc.subjectautomotive industryen
dc.subjectVolkswagen AGen
dc.titleIncorporating sustainability into supply management in the automotive industry - the case of the Volkswagen AGen
dc.typeJournal Articleen
dc.relation.isPartOfJournal of Cleaner Productionen_NZ

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