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dc.contributor.authorBlunt, John W.
dc.contributor.authorCopp, Brent R.
dc.contributor.authorHu, Wang-Ping
dc.contributor.authorMunro, Murray H.G.
dc.contributor.authorNorthcote, Peter T.
dc.contributor.authorPrinsep, Michèle R.
dc.identifier.citationBlunt, J. W., Copp, B. R., Hu, W.-P., Munro, M. H. G., Northcote, P. T. & Prinsep, M. R. (2009). Review: Marine natural products. Natural Product Reports, 26(2), 170-244.en
dc.description.abstractThis review is of the literature for 2007 and describes 961 new compounds from 350 articles, an increase of 24% from the number of compounds reported for 2006. As in previous reviews, the structures are shown only for new compounds, or for previously reported compounds where there has been a structural revision or a newly established stereochemistry. Previously reported compounds for which first syntheses or new bioactivities are described are referenced, but separate structures are generally not shown. Where the absolute stereochemistry has been determined for a compound the identifying diagram number is distinguished by addition of a † symbol. Stereochemistries shown for compounds not labelled with † should be assumed to be relative.en
dc.subjectmarine microorganisms and phytoplanktonen
dc.subjectgreen algaeen
dc.subjectbrown algaeen
dc.subjectred algaeen
dc.subjectechinoderms and true mangrove plantsen
dc.titleReview: Marine natural productsen
dc.typeJournal Articleen

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