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dc.contributor.authorBeckermann, Gareth
dc.contributor.authorPickering, Kim L.
dc.identifier.citationBeckermann, G. & Pickering, K. L. (2008). Engineering and evaluation of hemp fibre reinforced polypropylene composites: Fibre treatment and matrix modification. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 39(6), 979-988.en
dc.description.abstractHemp fibres were alkali treated to improve their suitability for use as reinforcements in composite materials. Improvements in tensile strength, Young’s modulus, fibre separation, crystallinity index, lignin reduction and thermal stability were observed for hemp fibres treated with a solution of 5 wt% NaOH/2 wt% Na₂SO₃. A range of hemp fibre reinforced polypropylene composites were produced by extrusion and injection moulding, and the effect of fibre treatments and MAPP content on the tensile strength and Young’s modulus of composites were investigated. The optimum composite, consisting of polypropylene, 40 wt% NaOH/Na₂SO₃ treated hemp fibre and 4 wt% MAPP, was found to have a tensile strength of 50.5 MPa and a Young’s modulus of 5.31 GPa.en
dc.subjectB. Interface/interphaseen
dc.subjectD. Mechanical testingen
dc.subjectA. Natural fibre compositesen
dc.subjectE. Thermal analysisen
dc.titleEngineering and evaluation of hemp fibre reinforced polypropylene composites: Fibre treatment and matrix modificationen
dc.typeJournal Articleen
dc.relation.isPartOfComposites: Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturingen_NZ

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