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dc.contributor.authorPrasetya, Gegar Sapta
dc.contributor.authorBorrero, Jose
dc.contributor.authorde Lange, Willem P.
dc.contributor.authorBlack, Kerry P.
dc.contributor.authorHealy, Terry R.
dc.identifier.citationPrasetya, G., Borrero, J., de Lange, W., Black, K. & Healy, T.R. (2011). Modeling of inundation dynamics on Banda Aceh, Indonesia during the great Sumatra tsunamis December 26, 2004. Natural Hazads, published online 24 February 2011.en_NZ
dc.description.abstractThe tsunami inundation flows on Banda Aceh, Indonesia reached 5 km inland during the December 26, 2004, event and devastated most of the houses, buildings, and infrastructure along the coast and killed more than 167,000 people. The overland flows from the northwest coast and the west coast collided at Lampisang village approximately 3.7 km from Ulee Lheue (northwest coast) and 6.8 km from Lhok Nga (west coast) as reported by survivors. Inundation modeling based on the nonlinear shallow-water wave equations reproduces the inundation pattern and demonstrates a colliding of the overland flows. The model suggests that wave characteristics on the northwest coast of Banda Aceh were different from those on the waves that impacted upon the west coast. The areas, which experienced higher inundation levels, did not always experience greatest overland flow speeds, and the damage areas mostly coincide with the flow speed distribution rather than the runup and inundation depth.en_NZ
dc.subjectBanda Acehen_NZ
dc.subjectInundation modelen_NZ
dc.titleModeling of inundation dynamics on Banda Aceh, Indonesia during the great Sumatra tsunamis December 26, 2004en_NZ
dc.typeJournal Articleen_NZ
dc.relation.isPartOfNatural Hazardsen_NZ

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