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dc.contributor.authorMiddleton, Sue
dc.identifier.citationMiddleton, S. (2011). Book Review Essay: Reimagining the subject of feminism: Six women artists. Emotion, Space and Society, Available online 21 March 2011.en_NZ
dc.description.abstractMaria Tamboukou is a Reader in Sociology and Co-Director of the Centre of Narrative Research at the University of East London, UK. A trans-disciplinary feminist writer, Tamboukou is known for imaginative conceptual assemblages in the study of narrative texts. Influenced by Hannah Arendt and Adriana Cavarero, she argues: “narratives foreground the question of Who one is, as differentiated from the Western (male) philosophical tradition that has revolved around the question of What one is” (Tamboukou, 2010a: 13). “Who” one is, however, is never fixed, never stable, always in process – in Deleuzian terms, nomadic. Citing Rosi Braidotti, (Tamboukou 2010a: 84) defines nomadic subjects as always in transition, characterised not by homelessness but by “their ability to create their homes everywhere” in the process of becoming.en_NZ
dc.titleBook Review Essay: Reimagining the subject of feminism: Six women artistsen_NZ
dc.typeJournal Articleen_NZ

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