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dc.contributor.authorDay, Tim D.
dc.contributor.authorClapperton, B. Kay
dc.contributor.authorPorter, Richard E.R.
dc.contributor.authorWaas, Joseph R.
dc.contributor.authorMatthews, Lindsay R.
dc.identifier.citationDay, T.D., Clapperton, B.K., Porter, R.E.R., Waas, J.R. & Matthews, L.R. (2011). Responses of free-ranging house sparrows to feed containing primary and secondary repellents. New Zealand Journal of Crop and Horticultural Science, available online 11 November 2011.en_NZ
dc.description.abstractWe recorded the responses of free-ranging house sparrows (Passer domesticus) to various concentrations of primary repellents and a secondary repellent. Wheat treated with either lime or neem oil was consumed by sparrows at the same rate over 24 hours as plain wheat at all doses. d-pulegone significantly reduced wheat consumption from day 1 onwards throughout the 4 days. Avex™ (containing the secondary repellent anthraquinone) did not significantly reduce wheat consumption on day 1 of exposure, but sparrows ate progressively less repellent wheat over the following days. For both d-pulegone and Avex™, there was a negative relationship between wheat consumption and repellent concentration. In experiment 2, the highest concentrations of Avex™ + d-pulegone combined reduced daily wheat consumption significantly more than Avex™ alone and the effect lasted throughout the 10-day test. These results demonstrate the potential of primary and secondary repellents, presented alone or in combination, for modifying the feeding behaviour of sparrows.en_NZ
dc.publisherTaylor & Francisen_NZ
dc.subjectagricultural limeen_NZ
dc.subjectbird repellenten_NZ
dc.subjectfeeding behaviouren_NZ
dc.subjecthouse sparrowen_NZ
dc.subjectneem oilen_NZ
dc.subjectPasser domesticusen_NZ
dc.titleResponses of free-ranging house sparrows to feed containing primary and secondary repellentsen_NZ
dc.typeJournal Articleen_NZ

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