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dc.contributor.authorBlake, Anthony Martin
dc.contributor.authorNelson, Richard
dc.coverage.spatialConference held at Samos, Greeceen_NZ
dc.identifier.citationBlake, A., Nelson, R. (2008). Scalable architecture for prefix preserving anonymization of IP addresses. In Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Embedded Computer Systems: Architectures, Modeling, and Simulation, SAMOS 2008, Samos, Greece, July 21-24, 2008. (pp. 33-42). Berlin, Germany: Springer Berlin Heidelberg.en_NZ
dc.description.abstractThis paper describes a highly scalable architecture based on field-programmable gate-array (FPGA) technology for prefix-preserving anonymization of IP addresses at increasingly high network line rates. The Crypto-PAn technique, with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) as the underlying pseudo-random function, is fully mapped into reconfigurable hardware. A 32 Gb/s fully-pipelined AES engine was developed and used to prototype the Crypto-PAn architecture. The prototype was implemented on a Xilinx Virtex-4 device achieving a worst-case Ethernet throughput of 8 Gb/s using 141 block RAM’s and 4262 logic cells. This is considerably faster than software implementations which generally achieve much less than 100 Mb/s throughput. A technology-independent analysis is presented to explore the scalability of the architecture to higher multi-gigabit line-rates.en_NZ
dc.sourceSAMOS 2008en_NZ
dc.subjectcomputer scienceen_NZ
dc.titleScalable architecture for prefix preserving anonymization of IP addressesen_NZ
dc.typeConference Contributionen_NZ
dc.relation.isPartOfProc Eighth International Workshop on Embedded Computer Systems: Architectures, Modeling, and Simulationen_NZ
pubs.volumeLNCS 5114en_NZ

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