Revitalising higher education: Insights from Te Puna Aurei LearnFest 2022

Puna Aurei / LearnFest is an annual teaching and learning symposium hosted by Te Puna Ako - Centre for Tertiary Teaching & Learning at Te Whare Wānanga o Waikato / The University of Waikato in Hamilton, Aotearoa New Zealand. This event, since its inception in 2016, has evolved from a local face-to-face gathering to a global online forum, particularly during the Covid pandemic. The 2022 edition, hosted online in partnership with Cardiff University (UK) as the world emerged from the Covid pandemic, had the theme of ‘Revitalisation’. This acknowledged the broad spectrum of rejuvenation underway in higher education, whether institutionally, within discipline-specific teaching, or regarding individual practice. This volume, the first of its kind from LearnFest, is timely, as it reflects on the profound disruptions caused by the global pandemic across educational landscapes. Although the final outcome of these changes is still unknown, it is clear that the dynamics of teaching and learning have shifted dramatically. The volume is structured thematically, with the first theme ‘Key Challenges’ exploring the shifts and reconstructions of professional identity post-Covid, the challenges of indigenising a largely Western philosophy curriculum, and potential positive shifts from the pandemic's constraints. The theme of ‘Motivation’ scrutinises the dynamics of student and staff engagement, including studies on adult language learning, collaborative experiments, student course evaluations, and the impact of Covid on motivation levels. The third theme of ‘Gamification’ highlights how innovative teaching pedagogies that embed computer and role-playing games within the classroom can enhance learning experiences and outcomes. Next, ‘Confronting Climate Change’ discusses pragmatic and strategic approaches to meaningfully integrating climate change into both curricula (at an institutional level) and classroom learning (for the individual teacher). Finally, the theme of ‘Revitalising English Medium Instruction’ explores the disruptions and adaptations in international education that were driven by the pandemic, and showcases some practical responses to the abrupt online transition and difficulties in language skill development that resulted. Revitalising Higher Education: Insights from Te Puna Aurei LearnFest 2022 showcases the dynamic shifts in teaching and learning taking place in contemporary higher education. The various case studies and reflective discussions will be of value to anyone interested in the revitalisation of higher education teaching and learning post-pandemic.
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Bowell, T., Pepperell, N., Richardson, A., & Corino, M. -T. (Eds.). (2024). Revitalising higher education: Insights from Te Puna Aurei LearnFest 2022. Cardiff University Press.
Cardiff University Press
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