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Barriers to diabetes self-management in a subset of New Zealand adults with Type 2 diabetes and poor glycaemic control

Background. Despite the fact that there is an increasingly effective armoury of medications to treat diabetes, many people continue to have substantially elevated blood glucose levels. The purpose of this study was to explore what the barriers to diabetes management are in a cohort of people with diabetes and poor glycaemic control. Methods. Qualitative semistructured interviews were carried out with 10 people with diabetes who had known diabetes and a recent HbA1c of >11.3% (100 mmol/mol) to explore their experiences of barriers to diabetes self-management and glycaemic control. Results. Barriers to diabetes management were based around two key themes: biopsychosocial factors and knowledge about diabetes. Specifically, financial concerns, social stigma, medication side effects, and cognitive impairment due to hyperglycaemia were commonly reported as barriers to medication use. Other barriers included a lack of knowledge about their own condition, poor relationships with healthcare professionals, and a lack of relevant resources to support diet and weight loss. Conclusion. People with diabetes with poor glycaemic control experience many of the same barriers as those reported elsewhere, but also experience issues specifically related to their severe hyperglycaemia. Management of diabetes could be improved via the increased use of patient education and availability of locally relevant resources.
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Chepulis, L. M., Morison, B., Cassim, S., Norman, K., Keenan, R., Paul, R. G., & Lawrenson, R. (2021). Barriers to diabetes self-management in a subset of New Zealand adults with Type 2 diabetes and poor glycaemic control. Journal of Diabetes Research, 2021, Article 5531146. https://doi.org/10.1155/2021/5531146
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