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Students’ perceptions towards technology (PATT): A professional development tool for technology teachers.

In the context of the design and implementation of professional development for technology teachers, a PATT instrument was administered to students in an attempt to develop an understanding of their dispositions toward technology, and so inform, through professional development, technology teachersʼ implementation of technology in Malawi. The PATT questionnaire was completed by 358 form 3 (year 11) students (191 males and 167 females) from three secondary schools who gave informed consent. The questionnaire was categorised into three parts: the attributes of the students, an attitudinal scale and a concept scale. All data were analysed using SPSS and only descriptive statistics were used during discussions with teachers in each of the schools. Using the PATT survey results during the professional development program helped the teachers to recognise technology as a very broad learning area as shown by a cross range of concepts covered in the PATT instrument. It also helped the teachers to understand studentsʼ views about technology and the need to develop appropriate technology programmes and pedagogy for both boys and girls to reinforce their confidence. The teachers all considered discussing PATT results as insightful since the studentsʼ views highlighted the need for developing learning materials, tools and pedagogical approaches that take into consideration the studentsʼ own world and knowledge of technology.
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Chikasanda, V., Williams, J., Otrel-Cass, K. & Jones, A. (2011). Students’ perceptions towards technology (PATT): A professional development tool for technology teachers. In Pupils Attitude Toward Technology 25 Conference: Perspectives on Learning in Design and Technology Education. London, 1-5 July 2011, (pp. 105-112). Goldsmiths, University of London.
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