Motel accommodation: trigger points to guest accommodation selection

Purpose – The understanding of the factors that influence the selection of accommodation by guests is an important issue for international accommodation providers. The purpose of this research is to gain a greater understanding not only of the factors that influence the selection of motel accommodation by guests, but also of when and under which situations these factors become trigger points for decision making, focusing in particular on the influence that the length of stay has on the trigger points that impacted the selection process. Design/methodology/approach – To undertake this research, five focus groups were conducted, involving participants who had previous experience in staying in motel accommodation either for business, on vacation or a combination of the two. Participants were selected and invited from a large variety of occupations and backgrounds. Findings – Three levels of trigger points were identified for different lengths of stay. For overnight stays requirements were “minimalist”, convenience being the prime trigger point, and visitors felt they could tolerate most situations. For stays of two-four nights there were certain requirements, “essentials”, that provided the necessary requirements for sleeping, eating and relaxation, while for stays longer than four nights, additional requirements that enhanced the stay, “enhancers”, were sought, raising the provision of the “essentials” to a higher level of sophistication and comfort. Originality/value – This research, although conducted in New Zealand and in a specific part of a market, illustrates how complex the process of accommodation selection is by guests and in particular how the trigger points for selection change with the length of stay. It indicates how the physical facilities provided need to be tailored to the market in relation to the length of the visitor's stay.
Journal Article
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Lockyer, T. & Roberts, L. (2009). Motel accommodation: trigger points to guest accommodation selection. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 21(1), 24-37.
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