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Ecological study of Barrett Domain, New Plymouth

An ecological survey of Barrett Domain (New Plymouth) was conducted by the Environmental Research Institute, University of Waikato, for the New Plymouth District Council. The main ecological features of the domain were mapped and described, preliminary ecological impact assessments of domain upgrades were conducted, and recommendations made for the future management of the site. Barrett Domain encompasses a regionally significant wetland habitat (Barrett Lake), several hectares of remnant semi-coastal forest and areas of well-established planted native species. Wetland vegetation around Barrett Lake comprised reedland (kuta, raupo) and flaxland, and the lake provides refuge to a number of indigenous water birds. Semi-coastal forest at the site was dominated by tawa, kohekohe and pukatea, with a diverse range of understory and epiphyte species. Planted natives included a significant kauri grove, and patches of pohutukawa and puriri. Swamp forest to the west of the lake comprised mature pukatea and swamp maire, and if acquired in the land transfer, the ecological value of the domain would be greatly enhanced. Four permanent i-Tree vegetation monitoring plots and a National Wetland Monitoring plot were established at the domain and should be re-measured at 5 yearly intervals. Any ecological impacts associated with the construction of a path around the perimeter of Barrett Lake could be offset by restoration planting at the southern lake margin. Management recommendations include: • Restoration planting with appropriate native species at the southern lake margin and several other key areas within the domain. • Removing/monitoring exotic species, including the gorse and grey willow on the lake margin, and wandering Jew and climbing asparagus in the forest remnants. • Fencing (stock proofing) the swamp forest at the west of the lake once it is acquired. • Continuing with pest control and monitoring. • Obtaining new interpretive signage.
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Efford, J. T., & Bylsma, R. J.(2012). Ecological study of Barrett Domain, New Plymouth. ERI report number 006. Hamilton, New Zealand: Environmental Research Institute, The University of Waikato.
Environmental Research Institute, The University of Waikato
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