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Laptops for teachers: An evaluation of the TELA scheme in schools (Years 1 to 3)

The purpose of this evaluation is to investigate the impacts of the Laptops for Teachers Scheme: TELA (referred to from here as the TELA scheme) on teachers’ work over a period of three years (2006, 2007, 2008) and to record emerging changes in laptop use. This evaluation report presents findings from the three annual cycles of national focus groups and questionnaires with Years 1 to 3 teachers in New Zealand primary schools. In this evaluation, two methods of data collection were used: first, three focus groups were held with teachers in face-to-face meetings and second, a questionnaire was sent to teachers in a range of schools. The focus groups allowed teachers to talk about changes in their use of the laptop over the three years. Focus groups were held in the Taranaki, Wellington and Marlborough areas. The questionnaire asked teachers about various aspects of their laptops experience, including school support for laptops, professional development, their use of laptops at home and in school, and their goals for future use. In this final report, questionnaire results are presented together with the results from the focus groups held over three years.
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Cowie, B., Jones, A., Harlow, A. & Forret, M. (2010). Laptops for teachers: An evaluation of the TELA scheme in schools (Years 1 to 3). Report to the Ministry of Education. New Zealand: Ministry of Education.
Ministry of Education
This report is prepared for Ministry of Education, New Zealand. Used with permission.