Rotorua Lakes Symposium 2017

TROUBLE MAKERS: Catfish, Lakeweeds and Nutrients - Complex Lake Systems Restoration

2 Day Symposium

Thursday 31 August and Friday 1 September 2017

Millennium Hotel, Rotorua


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    Session 6: The eight lakes of Tarawera- Introduction
    (Conference Contribution, LakesWater Quality Society, 2017) Webber, Warren; McLean, Ian G.
    Introduction of Session 6: The eight lakes of Tarawera
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    Chemical control of lake weeds
    (Conference Contribution, LakesWater Quality Society, 2017) Wells, Rohan
    I am going to talk about aquatic herbicides or chemical control and look at the range of aquatic herbicides that have already been tested or to be tested. We will look at diquat and endothall, address the knowledge and use gaps and give an update on endothall and then look at the future.
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    Deoxygenation impacts of lake weed
    (Conference Contribution, LakesWater Quality Society, 2017) Gibbs, Max M.; Howard-Williams, Clive
    This talk came about from a series of questions that were asked at a TAG meeting in May 2016. These included: 1) What are the consequences of invasive weed growth? 2) What is the succession of species invasion and will it get worse? 3) What are the risks associated with these invasive weeds spreading? 4) What are native aquatic species of the littoral zone and their values? 5) What are the impacts of the associated water clarity improvements on weed? 6) What are possible control measures/options/experience/typical costs and challenges? 7) What are the current BOPRC monitoring programmes? (i) Lakes SPI; what does this mean? Incursion monitoring? (ii) How do we compare with other regions? Can we improve? 8) What are the agencies involved and their current actions?
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    Lake biosecurity - Local actions and results
    (Conference Contribution, LakesWater Quality Society, 2017) Lass, Hamish
    Thank you, I keep my biography short and sharp and probably should add that in a cruel twist I was born the year hornwort first invaded Lake Rotorua. I have been working from the Rotorua office for 11 years as a biosecurity officer focusing mainly on freshwater biosecurity.
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    Session 1: Scene setting
    (Conference Contribution, LakesWater Quality Society, 2017)
    Session 1 Screen setting