2015 Working Papers

  • Classification and regression algorithms for WEKA implemented in Python

    Beckham, Christopher J. (University of Waikato, Department of Computer Science, 2015-10)
    WEKA is a popular machine learning workbench written in Java that allows users to easily classify, process, and explore data. There are many ways WEKA can be used: through the WEKA Explorer, users can visualise data, train ...
  • Investigating the use of activity trackers to observe high-risk work environments

    Bowen, Judy; Hinze, Annika; Cunningham, Sally Jo; Parker, Richard (Department of Computer Science, The University of Waikato, 2015)
    The New Zealand forestry industry has the country's highest rate of workplace fatalities. The reasons are not well studied or understood and no large-scale systematic physical and physiological data has been recorded to ...

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