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dc.contributor.authorBliss, Elaine
dc.contributor.authorJanson, Annick
dc.identifier.citationBliss, E. & Janson, A.(2007). A very long engagement: Visualising research methodologies from data collection to reporting. PRISM, 4(3).en
dc.description.abstractIn the present article, we develop arguments to show that audio visual data encourages varying levels of engagement (from micro to macro levels) of varying actors in the research process. First, gathering of visual material allows participants to play a more active part in the self-collection of data about themselves. Secondly, the process of data analysis can also involve participants by encouraging them to share their insights and further develop them to a deeper level of analysis. Hence at the level of data collection and analysis, visual research methods foster participants’ engagement in the inquiry process. Engagement is present again at the third level of data reporting, with visual reporting fostering this time the potential for stakeholders’ engagement with visual reporting disseminated via the Internet or screened in the community.en
dc.publisherBond University, School of Humanities and Social Sciencesen_NZ
dc.subjectaudio visual dataen
dc.subjectdata collectionen
dc.subjectresearch methodologies
dc.subjectdata analysis
dc.titleA very long engagement: Visualising research methodologies from data collection to reportingen
dc.typeJournal Articleen

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