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dc.contributor.authorRadley, Alan
dc.contributor.authorChamberlain, Kerry
dc.contributor.authorHodgetts, Darrin
dc.contributor.authorStolte, Ottilie Emma Elisabeth
dc.contributor.authorGroot, Shiloh Ann Maree
dc.identifier.citationRadley, A., Chamberlain, K., Hodgetts, D., Stolte, O. & Groot, S. (2010). From means to occasion: walking in the life of homeless people. Visual Studies, 25(1), 36-45.en
dc.description.abstractThis article discusses walking by homeless people, who were asked to take photographs of their everyday lives. These individuals walked to take their pictures, and they used their photographs to explain the walking that homeless people do. Stories about photographs taken were used to explain the significance of different modes of walking, as means, as condition and as occasion. Rather than see walking as integral with a kind of method - or ready-made technique - the authors argue that whatever walking 'is' emerges in the course of producing (not just analysing) that experience. They suggest that walking tears at the fabric of symbols and voiced conventions to produce traces and dissonances that invite repair - repair through 'storying' the journeys made.en
dc.publisherRoutledge Taylor & Francis Groupen_NZ
dc.subjectvisual anthropologyen
dc.subjectvisual artsen
dc.subjectvisual cultureen
dc.subjecthomeless peopleen
dc.titleFrom means to occasion: walking in the life of homeless peopleen
dc.typeJournal Articleen
dc.relation.isPartOfVisual Studiesen_NZ
uow.identifier.article-noPII 920088352en_NZ

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