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Capturing Situational Context in an Augmented Memory System

Bookmarking a moment is a new approach being introduced to capture past experience and insert information into an augmented memory system. This idea is inspired from the concept of the bookmark in web browsers. Semi-automatic bookmarking different moments when time is limited and revisiting these moments before inserting them into an augmented memory system will help people to remember their past experience. An exploratory study was conducted to discover and shape the design requirements for a system called CatchIt. It aims to understand end-users’ needs to capture their personal experience, which is an important and complex issue in the case of capture and access of personal experiences. CatchIt is a system to bookmark the significant moments during the day before enriching them, and entering them into the augmented memory system called Digital Parrot. The conceptual design of CatchIt will be the main aim of this study. The primary requirements were derived from the scenarios and analysis of the findings of five different study stages were designed to inspect these: unobserved field visit, shadowing, using indictors, Wizard of Oz and using technology. Thirty participants were involved in field visit, survey and follows up interview. Each stage had different tasks to be performed and the findings of each stage contributed to understanding different parts of user needs and system design requirements. The results of this study indicated the system should automatically record the context information, especially the time and location since they were typically neglected by the participants. Different information such as textual and visual information should be manually recorded based on the users’ setting or situations. A single button is a promising input mechanism to bookmark a moment and it should be fast and effort- less. The result showed no clear correlation between learning style and type of the information that had been captured. Also, we found that there might be a correlation between passive capture and false memories. All these findings were used to provide a foundation for further work to implement the bookmark system and evaluate this approach. Some issues raised in this study need further research. The work will contribute to a greater understanding of human memory and selective capture.
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Alallah, J. S. (2011). Capturing Situational Context in an Augmented Memory System (Thesis, Master of Science (MSc)). University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. Retrieved from https://hdl.handle.net/10289/5915
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