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Molecular Systematics of the New Caledonian Cryptocaryeae (Lauraceae)

New Caledonia is an archipelago located in the southwest pacific. It has a tropical climate influenced by the surrounding sea and is recognised as a “biodiversity hotspot”. The flora of New Caledonia is poorly understood especially in regards to Lauraceae which has not undergone taxonomic revision since Kostermans 1974 taxonomic treatment. The aim of this study was to test the taxonomic delimitations of the Lauraceae sub-family Cryptocaryeae in New Caledonia. This study tested whether the New Caledonian Beilschmiedia, Cryptocarya and Endiandra are monophyletic. Were these genera the result of one or more colonization events? This study tested if the Cryptocarya group forms two clades as suggested by Rowher et al. (2014) and van der Merwe et al. (2016). The phylogenetic analyses were conducted using ITS and Bayesian inference, 58 new complete ITS sequences were generated. Majority of the sequences generated were New Caledonian specimens, overall the topology of the tree was well supported. New Caledonian Beilschmiedia and Endiandra are monophyletic, whereas, the New Caledonian Cryptocarya are not monophyletic. New Caledonian Beilschmiedia and Endiandra are most likely the result of a single colonization event for each genus and subsequent radiation. New Caledonian Cryptocarya are most likely the result of multiple colonization events. The relationship between the clades of Beilschmiedia and Endiandra are unresolved. Cryptocarya forms two strongly support clades supporting the findings of Rohwer et al. (2014) and van der Merwe et al. (2016). Between Beilschmiedia, Cryptocarya and Endiandra, there are at least six putative new species and five genetically diverse species. These samples need to undergo taxonomic revision and potential reidentification. The biogeographical relationship between New Caledonian Cryptocaryeae and the rest of the Cryptocaryeae sampled is unresolved and requires further data collection and study.
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Carter, S. N. (2017). Molecular Systematics of the New Caledonian Cryptocaryeae (Lauraceae) (Thesis, Master of Science (Research) (MSc(Research))). University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. Retrieved from https://hdl.handle.net/10289/11171
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