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A nui wave encountering psychology from the shores of the Pacific

The worldview of Pacific nations which lie within the vast ocean of the South Pacific is yet to be uncovered in the world of psychology. Since the first wave of migrants to the shores of Aotearoa,/New Zealand, many differing pathways have evolved for the children of the Pacific sojourners. Pasefika youth are emerging as an influential force in youth culture today. However, these highly visible pockets of Pasefika talent mask the reality of overcrowded housing, poor health, lowincomes, tailend educational achievement, and the frequent experience of issues to do with cultural identity and values (Tiatia, 1988; Taule’alea’usumai, 1997). Within these areas of concern Pasefika people will encounter ‘helping professions’ such as psychology. It is a discipline which has historically been devoted to understanding the human ‘psyche’ or ‘soul’. Most of this body of knowledge however is derived from European contexts. The South Pacific has now produced a generation of Pasefika academics that are crisscrossing the globe with pioneering theoretical frameworks specific to our region. It is within this framework that I present to you my current thinking and its intent of ‘claiming our legitimate space’.
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Siautu, A. (2008). A nui wave encountering psychology from the shores of the Pacific. In Levy, M., Nikora, L.W., Masters-Awatere, B., Rua, M. & Waitoki, W. (Eds). Claiming Spaces: Proceedings of the 2007 National Maori and Pacific Psychologies Symposium 23rd-24th November 2007 (pp. 105-110). Hamilton, New Zealand: Māori and Psychology Research Unit, University of Waikato.
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