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Real-time New Zealand sign language translator using convolution neural network

Over the past quarter of a century, machine Learning performs an essential role in information technology revolution. From predictive internet web browsing to autonomous vehicles; machine learning has become the heart of all intelligence applications in service today. Image classification through gesture recognition is sub field which has benefited immensely from the existence of this machine learning method. In particular, a subset of Machine Learning known as deep learning has exhibited impressive performance in this regard while outperforming other conventional approaches such as image processing. The advanced Deep Learning architectures come with artificial neural networks particularly convolution neural networks (CNN). Deep Learning has dominated the field of computer vision since 2012; however, a general criticism of this deep learning method is its dependence on large datasets. In order to overcome this criticism, research focusing on discovering data- efficient deep learning methods have been carried out. The foremost finding of the data-efficient deep learning function is a transfer learning technique, which is basically carried out with pre-trained networks. In this research, the InceptionV3 pre trained model has been used to perform the transfer learning method in a convolution neural network to implement New Zealand sign language translator in real-time. The focus of this research is to introduce a vision-based application that offers New Zealand sign language translation into text format by recognizing sign gestures to overcome the communication barriers between the deaf community and hearing-unimpaired community in New Zealand. As a byproduct of this research work, a new dataset for New Zealand sign Language alphabet has been created. After training the pre-trained InceptionV3 network with this captured dataset, a prototype for this New Zealand sign language translating system has been created.
Type of thesis
Jayasekera, M. K. C. (2021). Real-time New Zealand sign language translator using convolution neural network (Thesis, Master of Engineering (ME)). The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. Retrieved from https://hdl.handle.net/10289/14251
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