Data security assessment for organisations in Tonga

This paper summarises results from a data security assessment that was undertaken in Tonga in June and July 2016. The assessment investigated Tongan organisations and departments at the Government of Tonga to determine cybersecurity awareness and strategies. Issues analysed included methods of storing and protecting sensitive information, assessing vunerabiltities and threats encountered, and action to counteract cyberattacks on existing computer systems. This paper begins by explaining how the installation of fibre optic cable in Tonga brings advantages and disadvantages to the nation. The methodology describes the approach carried by the researcher to gather cybersecurity data from the survey participants. A SWOT analysis follows to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of this particular research. The survey findings are summarised in broad terms and then further discussed under general findings, positive findings and negative findings. The results of this research highlight some of the major areas that need to be addressed in Tonga. Computer systems are currently vunerable, and hackers are able to attack these systems from several different angles. This is something that has been noted by the Government of Tonga and steps are being taken to address the inadequacies.
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Laulaupea'alu, S., & Keegan, T. T. (2018). Data security assessment for organisations in Tonga. In Cusack, B., & Lutui, R. (Eds.), Proc 2018 Cyber Forensic & Security International Conference (2018 CFSIC) (pp. 255-263). Auckland University of Technology (AUT).
Auckland University of Technology (AUT)
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