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A location-based audio book reader

The ability to display text on mobile devices has been progressively improved during the last decade with the growth in use of mobile devices. Recently, the e-book reader has been incorporated into travel tourism. In this project we design, implement and evaluate a location-based mobile e-book reader that provides users with both text and audio information. This project has two goals. The first goal is to build a rich location-based travel information provider system as a standalone mobile application without using web browsing functions. The second goal is to provide a communication between the mobile application and a digital library of e-book collections. Experimental results show that the mobile application, during elected events, has provided a special e-book reading experience to participants. The majority of participants liked the system especially with regards to interface design and functionality. Over half the participants felt the location-based audio e-book reader system was usable and interesting while traveling.
Type of thesis
Peng, S. (2012). A location-based audio book reader (Thesis, Master of Science (MSc)). University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. Retrieved from https://hdl.handle.net/10289/7587
University of Waikato
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