Arts and Social Sciences Papers


This collection houses research from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Waikato.

  • The piano at the elms

    Moffat, Kirstine (Otago University Press, 2015)
    Just before the bustle of the Tauranga business district begins, beyond a sprawling overpass junction, there is a tranquil haven of serenity enclosed by a white picket fence. I push open the gate and wander down a curving ...
  • Robocop - The depersonalisation of police officers and their emotions: A diary study of emotional labor and burnout in front line British police officers

    Lennie, Sarah-Jane; Crozier Sarah, E.; Sutton, Anna (Elsevier BV, 2019)
    Policing has long been recognized as an emotionally distressing and stressful occupation, and recent years have seen a marked increase in psychological illness within the police service of Britain. Research into the emotional ...
  • The future of wellbeing at tertiary institutions

    Weijers, Dan M. (2019)
    What would it take to create a tertiary institution that valued wellbeing second only to education? It would require a fully distributed, comprehensive, personalisable wellbeing programme with institution-wide buy-in and ...
  • Broadening telematic electroacoustic music by affective rendering and embodied real-time data sonification

    Whalley, Ian (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 2014)
    Often played in traditional music performance formats, much recent telematic electroacoustic music focuses on the relationships between people/machines and geographically distributed cultures/spaces/players, and/or it ...
  • Use of cognitive genres as textual norms in academic English prose: University essays in English literature and sociology

    Bruce, Ian (Centre de linguistique appliquée, Université de Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel, Switzerland, 2015)
    Cet article présente une analyse des ressources textuelles utilisées dans la rédaction du genre universitaire "dissertation" dans deux disciplines – la littérature anglaise et la sociologie – dans le cadre d'une théorie ...
  • Mechanisms linking acculturation, work-family conflict, and subjective well-being among Chinese immigrants in New Zealand

    Shang, Sudong; O’Driscoll, Michael P.; Roche, Maree A. (Wiley, 2018)
    Work–family conflict (WFC) research has focused almost exclusively on nonimmigrant populations. To expand the understanding of WFC among immigrants, this longitudinal study (six‐month time lag) aimed to investigate the ...
  • He Tangata Kei Tua: Guidelines for biobanking with Māori.

    Hudson, Maui; Beaton, Angela; Milne, Moe; Port, Waiora; Russell, Khyla; Smith, Barry; Toki, Valmaine; Uerata, Lynley; Wilcox, Phillip L. (Māori and Indigenous Governance Centre, University of Waikato, 2016)
    Māori ethical frameworks recognise that all research in New Zealand is of interest to Māori and outline community expectations of appropriate behavior in research to deliver the best outcomes for Māori. Research contributes ...
  • Primary care access and foregone care: A survey of transgender adolescents and young adults

    Clark, Beth A.; Veale, Jaimie; Greyson, Devon; Saewyc, Elizabeth M. (Oxford University Press, 2018)
    Objective. To examine the issues of primary care access and foregone health care among transgender adolescents and young adults. Methods. This cross-sectional analysis of data from the Canadian Trans Youth Health Survey ...
  • Risk and protective factors for transgender youths' substance use.

    Watson, Ryan J.; Veale, Jaimie; Gordon, Allegra R.; Clark, Beth A.; Saewyc, Elizabeth M. (Elsevier, 2019)
    Research at the intersection of substance use and protective factors among transgender youth is scarce; emerging evidence suggests high risk for substance use for transgender youth. We analyzed data from 323 transgender ...
  • Overseas social work placements: Can a well-designed workflow contribute to the success of an overseas placement?

    Henley, Lee; Lowe, Simon; Munro, Claudia (University of Otago Library, 2019)
    This article reflects on the importance of workflow design for students completing field education as part of a social work degree. Specifically, this article examines this in the context of an Aotearoa New Zealand social ...
  • Editorial

    Shieff, Sarah (School of Arts, University of Waikato, 2011)
    This issue also presents new work from an unusual quarter, and in an unusual genre for JNZL. Ian Wedde's memoir 'A Little Bit Prickly...' was presented as the 9th annual Frank Sargeson Memorial Lecture at the University ...
  • Silencing prisoner protests: Criminology, black women and state-sanctioned ‎violence

    Gatewood, Britany J.; Norris, Adele N. (Auckland University of Technology, 2019)
    Protests and resistance from those locked away in jails, prisons and detention centers occur but receive limited, if any, mainstream attention. In the United States and Canada, 61 instances of prisoner unrest occurred in ...
  • Ko tōku ingoa ko Ripeka - My name is Ripeka

    Waitoki, Waikaremoana (New Zealand Psychological Society, 2016)
    This book is organised around Ripeka and her family's story. The events described in her story reflect the lives of several wāhine, tāne, rangatahi and tamariki who have been involved in psychological services.
  • John Mansfield Thomson: Selected Writings

    Lodge, Martin (Steele Roberts Ltd, 2003)
    Selected writings compiled by Martin Lodge
  • Tribute to John Thomson

    Lodge, Martin (Steele Roberts Ltd, 2003)
    THE MOTIVE OF HISTORY is at bottom poetic." Those significant words of Trevelyan were used by John Thomson to introduce a speech acknowledging his receipt of the Composers Association of New Zealand Citation for Services ...
  • Put to music by Messiaen

    Lodge, Martin (French Embassy to New Zealand, 2009)
    OLIVIER MESSIAEN ( 1908-92) was one of the most influential composers and teachers of the 20th century, not just within France but internationally. He is noted for inventing new techniques of organising musical materials ...
  • North Korea: Why this time is different, and the danger of success

    Steff, Reuben (Defsec Media, 2018)
    After a year of rising tensions that saw North Korea accelerate its ballistic missile and nuclear weapons program, the diplomatic equation may have fundamentally changed in recent months. The first shock came in March, ...
  • Dark clouds on the horizon

    Barbour, Karen (2016)
    In the face of our current political and economic environment, particularly in the context of education, community and arts, dark clouds on our horizon have fast become storms. Storms raining down on us in the South Pacific ...
  • There's no place like home: Is our preference for familiar surroundings a bias?

    Weijers, Dan M. (2019)
    Drawing on experimental and traditional philosophical methods, several researchers have argued that our judgments about the relative value of different lives are often affected by status quo bias. Status quo bias – the ...
  • Māori academic success: Why the deficit perspectives?

    Aporosa, S. 'Apo' (University of Guam, 2016)
    Academics have long discussed the power of communication to both motivate and discourage. Concerning education, Paulo Freire (1997) had explained the dialogical learning process and the empowerment that comes from the ...

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