This collection houses research from the Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Waikato.

  • Generalised domain and E-inverse semigroups

    Stokes, Tim E. (Springer, 2018)
    A generalised D-semigroup is here defined to be a left E-semiabundant semigroup S in which the \overline{\mathcal R}_E-class of every x\in S contains a unique element D(x) of E, made into a unary semigroup. Two-sided ...
  • Anonymous Data Sharing Between Organisations with Elliptic Curve Cryptography

    Will, Mark A.; Ko, Ryan K.L.; Schlickmann, Silvino J. (IEEE, 2017)
    Promoting data sharing between organisations is challenging, without the added concerns over having actions traced. Even with encrypted search capabilities, the entities digital location and downloaded information can be ...
  • A scalable approach to joint cyber insurance and security-as-a-service provisioning in cloud computing

    Chase, Jonathan; Niyato, Dusit; Wang, Ping; Chaisiri, Sivadon; Ko, Ryan K.L. (IEEE Computer Society, 2017)
    As computing services are increasingly cloud-based, corporations are investing in cloud-based security measures. The Security-asa- Service (SECaaS) paradigm allows customers to outsource security to the cloud, through the ...
  • Visualizing the New Zealand Cyber Security Challenge for Attack Behaviors

    Garae, Jeffery; Ko, Ryan K.L.; Kho, Janice; Suwadi, Saidah; Will, Mark A.; Apperley, Mark (IEEE, 2017)
    Datasets are important for security analytics and mitigation processes in cyber security research and investigations. "Cyber security challenge (CSC)" events provide the means to collect datasets. The New Zealand National ...
  • Secure FPGA as a Service - Towards Secure Data Processing by Physicalizing the Cloud

    Will, Mark A.; Ko, Ryan K.L. (IEEE, 2017)
    Securely processing data in the cloud is still a difficult problem, even with homomorphic encryption and other privacy preserving schemes. Hardware solutions provide additional layers of security and greater performance ...
  • Simulations of 3D Magnetic Merging: Resistive Scalings for Null Point and QSL Reconnection

    Effenberger, Frederic; Craig, Ian J.D. (Springer, 2016)
    Starting from an exact, steady-state, force-free solution of the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) equations, we investigate how resistive current layers are induced by perturbing line-tied three-dimensional magnetic equilibria. ...
  • D-semigroups and constellations

    Stokes, Tim E. (Springer, 2017)
    In a result generalising the Ehresmann–Schein–Nambooripad Theorem relating inverse semigroups to inductive groupoids, Lawson has shown that Ehresmann semigroups correspond to certain types of ordered (small) categories he ...
  • Nonlinear Effects in Three-minute Oscillations of the Solar Chromosphere. II. Measurement of Nonlinearity Parameters at Different Atmospheric Levels

    Chae, Jongchul; Cho, Kyuhyoun; Song, Donguk; Litvinenko, Yuri E. (IOP Publishing LTD, 2018)
    Recent theoretical studies suggest that the nonlinearity of three-minute velocity oscillations at each atmospheric level can be quantified by the two independent parameters—the steepening parameter and the velocity amplitude ...
  • Data on coding association rules from an inpatient administrative health data coded by International classification of disease - 10th revision (ICD-10) codes

    Peng, Mingkai; Sundararajan, Vijaya; Williamson, Tyler; Minty, Evan P.; Smith, Tony C.; Doktorchik, Chelsea T.A.; Quan, Hude (2018)
    Data presented in this article relates to the research article entitled “Exploration of association rule mining for coding consistency and completeness assessment in inpatient administrative health data” (Peng et al. [1]) ...
  • Formal Definitions for Design Spaces and Traces

    Bowen, Judy; Dittmar, Anke (IEEE, 2017)
    Within the domain of interactive system development and design, particularly for safety-critical systems, there is an inherent tension between formalisms used for software engineering methodologies and the creative aspects ...
  • Iwi, institutes, societies & community led initiatives

    Whaanga, Hēmi; Simmonds, Naomi Beth; Keegan, Te Taka Adrian Gregory (Te Pua Wānanga ki te Ao / Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Studies, the University of Waikato, 2017)
    With the rapid evolution, innovation and incredible growth of ICT, the avenues to exchange, access, manage, create, disseminate, display and research Indigenous data and Mātauranga Māori have increased at astounding rates. ...
  • Machine translation for te reo Māori

    Keegan, Te Taka Adrian Gregory (Te Pua Wānanga ki te Ao / Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Studies, the University of Waikato, 2017)
    What is Machine Translation? Machine Translation (MT) is a process where computer software is used to translate texts from one natural (or spoken) language to another. Early research centred on two distinct approaches: ...
  • Surrogate modeling a computational fluid dynamics-based wind turbine wake simulation using machine learning

    Wilson, Brett; Wakes, Sarah; Mayo, Michael (IEEE, 2017)
    The Wind Farm Layout Optimization problem involves finding the optimal positions for wind turbines on a wind farm site. Current Metahueristic based methods make use of a combination of turbine specifications and parameters, ...
  • Matariki: The star of the year by Rangi Matamua [Book Review]

    Keegan, Te Taka Adrian Gregory (2017)
    This article reviews the book “Matariki: The star of the year by Rangi Matamua", by Matamua, Rangi.
  • Separation equations for 2D superintegrable systems on constant curvature spaces

    Escobar-Ruiz, M.A.; Kalnins, Ernie G.; Miller, W., Jr. (IOP Publishing Ltd, 2017)
    Second-order conformal quantum superintegrable systems in two dimensions are Laplace equations on a manifold with an added scalar potential and three independent 2nd order conformal symmetry operators. They encode all the ...
  • Estimating the spatial distribution of crime events around a football stadium from georeferenced tweets

    Ristea, Alina; Kurland, Justin; Resch, Bernd; Leitner, Michael; Langford, Chad (MDPI AG, 2018)
    Crowd-based events, such as football matches, are considered generators of crime. Criminological research on the influence of football matches has consistently uncovered differences in spatial crime patterns, particularly ...
  • Māori language interfaces

    Keegan, Te Taka Adrian Gregory (Te Pua Wānanga ki te Ao / Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Studies, the University of Waikato, 2017)
    This paper considers the usability of the interface and the ramifications for te reo Māori if the interface language, the messages displayed in those text boxes, is written in te reo Māori.
  • Diet selectivity in a terrestrial forest invertebrate, the Auckland tree wētā, across three habitat zones.

    Brown, Matthew; Gemmill, Chrissen E.C.; Miller, Steven D.; Wehi, Priscilla M. (Wiley, 2018)
    Insects are important but overlooked components of forest ecosystems of New Zealand. For many invertebrate species, information on foraging patterns and trophic relationships is lacking. We examined diet composition and ...
  • HfG-Archiv Ulm Online. De la realidad exclusiva a la virtualidad inclusiva

    Short, Carolina; Garcia Ferrari, Tomás; Quijano, Marcela (Departamento de Diseño. Universidad de Chile., 2016)
    The Archive of the School of Ulm (hfg-Archiv Ulm) began operating in 1987 by a group of alumni that, after the closure of the School (hfg - Hochschule für Gestaltung Ulm), saw the necessity to preserve the material concerning ...
  • Rauaroha: He tohu Aroha rau i te akoranga

    Paringatai, Karyn; Pitama, Suzanne; Ruru, Jacinta; Keegan, Te Taka Adrian Gregory (2017)
    Nö te tau 2001 i whakatüria ai e Ako Aotearoa (National Centre for Tertiary Teaching Excellence) tëtahi tohu hei whakanui i ngä mahi a te tangata e whakaako ana i te taumata takiura. Me whakaatu te kaiwhiwhi tohu i tana ü ...

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