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  • Dating Thach Lac: Cryptic CaCO₃ diagenesis in archaeological food shells and implications for ¹⁴c

    Petchey, Fiona; Piper, Phillip J.; Dabell, Kathleen; Brock, Fiona; Turner, Helen; Lam, Thi My Dzung (2022)
    In many locations around the world, shell radiocarbon dates underpin archaeological research. The dating of shell brings the chronological relationship between the sample and target event (e.g., hunting and food preparation) ...
  • New Zealand Community Fault Model – version 1.0.

    Seebeck, H; van Dissen, RJ; Litchfield, NJ; Barnes, PM; Nicol, A; Langridge, RM; Barrell, DJA; Villamor, P; Ellis, SM; Rattenbury, MS; Bannister, S; Gerstenberger, MC; Ghisetti, F; Sutherland, R; Fraser, J; Nodder, SD; Stirling, MW; Humphrey, J; Bland, KJ; Howell, A; Mountjoy, JJ; Moon, Vicki G.; Stahl, T; Spinardi, F; Townsend, DB; Clark, KJ; Hamling, IJ; Cox, SC; de Lange, Willem P.; Wopereis, P; Johnston, M; Morgenstern, R; Coffey, GL; Eccles, JD; Little, TA; Fry, B; Griffin, J; Townend, J; Mortimer, N; Alcaraz, SA; Massiot, C; Rowland, J; Muirhead, J; Upton, P; Hirschberg, H; Lee, JM (GNS Science, 2022-05-23)
    Fault models developed by the scientific community aim to provide a consistent and broadly agreed-upon representation of faults in a region for such societally important endeavours as seismic hazard assessment (e.g. national ...
  • Practical heat pump and storage integration into non-continuous processes: A hybrid approach utilizing insight based and nonlinear programming techniques

    Stampfli, Jan A.; Atkins, Martin J.; Olsen, Donald G.; Walmsley, Michael R.W.; Wellig, Beat (Elsevier, 2019)
    This paper focuses on industrial heat pump (HP) integration in non-continuous processes. To achieve the necessary time-wise process decoupling of the HP system, heat recovery loops (HRLs) with stratified storages are used. ...
  • Complete genome sequence of a New Zealand Mycobacterium tuberculosis strain responsible for ongoing transmission over the past 30 years.

    Mulholland, Claire V.; Gimenez, Gregory; Williamson, Adele; Steele, Mackenzie; Thorpe, Duncan; Karalus, Noel; Cursons, Raymond T.; Playle, Veronica M.; Roberts, Sally A.; Cook, Gregory M.; Arcus, Vickery L.; Aung, Htin Lin (2022)
    We report here the complete genome sequence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strain Colonial S-type 1 (CS1), which has been responsible for ongoing outbreaks of tuberculosis in New Zealand over the past 30 years. CS1 appears ...
  • Salinity indicators in sediment through the fluvial-to-marine transition (Fraser River, Canada).

    Dashtgard, Shahin E.; Wang, Aihua; Pospelova, Vera; Wang, Pei‑Ling; La Croix, Andrew D.; Ayranci, Korhan (2022)
    Many sediment attributes have been proposed as proxies for determining salinity conditions under which sediment is deposited, and six attributes (Sr/Ba-HAc, Sr/Ba-NH4Ac, δ13Corg, C/N, and the relative abundances and ...
  • How low can they go: A comparison between dog (Canis familiaris) and environmental DNA detection of invasive koi carp (Cyprinus rubrofuscus)

    Collins, Melissa Anne; Browne, Clare Melody; Edwards, Timothy L.; Ling, Nicholas; Tempero, Grant Wayne; Gleeson, Dianne M.; Crockett, Kymberly; Quaife, Jesse (Elsevier BV, 2022)
    Carp (Cyprinus sp.) are a highly invasive fish that pose a significant threat to freshwater ecosystems worldwide. At high biomasses (i.e., ≥100 kg/ha), the benthic feeding behaviour of carp can have deleterious ecosystem ...
  • Measuring the impact of conservation: The growing importance of monitoring fauna, flora and funga

    Stephenson, P.J.; Londoño-Murcia, M.C.; Borges, P.A.V.; Claassens, L.; Frisch-Nwakanma, H.; Ling, Nicholas; McMullan-Fisher, S.; Meeuwig, J.J.; Unter, K.M.M.; Walls, J.L.; Burfield, I.J.; do Carmo Vieira Correa, D.; Geller, G.N.; Montenegro Paredes, I.; Mubalama, L.K.; Ntiamoa-Baidu, Y.; Roesler, I.; Rovero, F.; Sharma, Y.P.; Wiwardhana, N.W.; Yang, J.; Fumagalli, L. (MDPI AG, 2022)
    Many stakeholders, from governments to civil society to businesses, lack the data they need to make informed decisions on biodiversity, jeopardising efforts to conserve, restore and sustainably manage nature. Here we review ...
  • Construction and demolition Material Flow Analysis Data Base

    Nelson, Jacob Martin Bruton; Elliot, Grace; Pickering, Kim L. (University of Waikato, 2020)
    The following document provides all of the data and estimates provided in the Material Flow Analysis Report. The focus of the report and database were to assess and estimate material flow at four key stages of construction ...
  • Preliminary materials flow analysis for Aotearoa New Zealand’s building construction sector

    Nelson, Jacob Martin Bruton; Elliot, Grace; Pickering, Kim L.; Beg, Mohammad Dalour (University of Waikato, 2022)
    This report describes the methodology used to produce a database of construction material flow in Aotearoa New Zealand and summarises the contents of that database. The database was produced as part of a wider research ...
  • Symposium insights on use of TDRs

    McLean, Ian (LakesWater Quality Society, 2013)
    Ian is a life member and committee member of LWQS, and helped develop this Symposium. He was formerly chair of the society and led the transition to LWQS from the Lakeweed Control Society, as well as the first symposia in ...
  • Symposium insights on use of TDRs

    Matheson, Bal (LakesWater Quality Society, 2013)
    Bal is a specialist in resource management and environmental law, and is a partner in Russell McVeagh's Environment, Planning, and Natural Resources Group. He provides strategic advice for, and leads, many large scale ...
  • Workshop Session 2

    LakesWater Quality Society (LakesWater Quality Society, 2013)
    Workshop Session 2
  • Mechanisms & issues

    Morgan, Gwyn (LakesWater Quality Society, 2013)
    Gwyn has been working in the policy field for over 20 years with Fonterra, Auckland Regional Council, DairyNZ and Federated Farmers. His experience through all of these roles has been working in the sustainable farming ...
  • Implications and opportunities for Maori land in the Rotorua catchment

    Tahana, Arapeta (LakesWater Quality Society, 2013)
    Arapeta is the Portfolio Manager, Waiariki Region, at Te Tumu Paeroa. He works with Maori land owners to enable them to achieve higher aspirations for their land and assets. He also collaborates with a wide range of other ...
  • A real estate agent's view

    Umbers, Dave (LakesWater Quality Society, 2013)
    Dave comes from a background of a career in farming where he progressed from being a shepherd to a manager of a large scale drystock farm. He then changed careers to Real Estate in 1996. During the last 17 years Dave has ...
  • TDR size and quantity

    Park, Simon (LakesWater Quality Society, 2013)
    Simon Park has been contracted by BoPRC for several years to provide advice on land use and management in the Rotorua Lakes catchment. Since 2012 this has included working with LWQS and the Farmer Collective on collaborative ...
  • Incentivising change in the Lake Rotorua catchment

    Grayling, Anna; MacCormick, Alistair (LakesWater Quality Society, 2013)
    Anna Grayling is the Rotorua Lakes Business Manager for Bay of Plenty Regional Council. After completing a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Sciences at the University of Waikato, Anna’s career began as an ecological ...
  • What land is included?

    Oppatt, Neil (LakesWater Quality Society, 2013)
    Neil has served the Rotorua District as both a Rotorua District Councillor for 15 years and now 9 years as a BOP Regional Councillor. Throughout this time Neil has been actively involved in the cleanup of Rotorua's lakes. ...
  • Where else have TDRs been applied

    Martelli, Phillip (LakesWater Quality Society, 2013)
    Phillip originally hails from Reporoa. His upbringing and living rurally in the Western Bay of Plenty District for many years, including developing his own orchard, gives him a strong appreciation of the rural environment. ...
  • Session 1: Questions and Clarifications

    Unknown author (LakesWater Quality Society, 2013)
    Questions and clarifications in Session One

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